From Khalil Estell

Use this extension literally everyday and it makes looking up details in C++ so much faster. This is a great too for C++ power users.

From Luna Lucadou

This extension is perfect! Chrome never seems to suggest cpp docs from my history (probably because of std:: being mistaken for a protocol, and "thread", "string", etc. being too generic), so this saves those extra clicks to get to them.

From u/anon_502

Awesome! Perhaps I can finally remove Zeal from my laptop.

From u/witcher_rat

I wanted to thank you - I've been using it on Firefox ever since you posted about the first release. I use it almost every day, so thank you!

From u/Adequat91

Thanks for your time!... it will save time for many of us :)

From Darius-Florentin Neațu

Awesome! You can directly open a page for a feature/entity from docs.